Young Vascular Surgeons Competition

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Competition Conditions:

  • The competition is open to young vascular surgeons up to 35 years old.
  • Each doctor can participate with one or more research.
  • Each doctor must present a research that has not been published before or nominated for any prizes.
  • The presented research must not include a research paper.
  • Each doctor must approve publishing his research in an international magazine within two weeks of announcing the winning research.
  • The researches must be submitted from 10th January 2021 to 30th June 2021.
  • All presented researches will be evaluated. The best 5 researches will be presented in the 17th International Annual Conference of Vascular Society of Egypt that will be held from 11th to 14th of August, 2021.


Research Evaluation Committee:

  • Each research will be evaluated by 3 members of the committee confidentially (the selection is random).
  • The presented researches are evaluated according to the model prepared in advanced.


Research Evaluation Committee Members:

Committee President: Prof. Mohamed Abdelhamid

  • Prof. Hassan Soliman
  • Prof. Rashad Beshara
  • Prof. Ayman Salem
  • Prof. Ehab Saad
  • Prof. Adel El Husseiny
  • Prof. Tamer Fekry
  • Prof. Mohamed Ayman Fakhry
  • Prof. Mostafa Saad Eldin
  • Prof. Raafat Naga
  • Prof. Metwaly El Metwaly Ragab
  • Prof. Yehia Sadek
  • Prof. Emad Hussein
  • Prof. Tarek Abd El-Azim

Committee of selecting the winning research:

  • Prof. Saeed Al-Malaah
  • Prof. Ali Mourad
  • Prof. Essam El-Qady
  • Prof. Mahsoub Mourad
  • Prof. Khaled Elhendawy
  • Prof. Mostafa Soliman
  • Prof. Assist. Abd El Aziz Hafez

Competition Prize:

  • The best research will be granted a financial prize of 10,000 EGP Dedicated from VSE Al-Azhar.
  • The other winning researches will be granted a free registration and an accredited certificate by the Vascular Society of Egypt.
  • All researches will be granted a certificate of appreciation from the Vascular Society of Egypt.
  • The researches that are nominated to the final liquidation will be granted a joint certificate.